PUB: Switchvox - Setting Ringtone for Queue Calls

This document describes setting a ringtone rule that applies to a queue call. It can be helpful in differentiating a between a direct call (someone who called your line directly) and a queue call (a call that went to a group of phones, of which you are a member).

1. Log in to your phone system at https://phone.[myphonesystem].com using your extension number and password. Click on the menu bar and select "Phone Features," select the "Ring Rules" tab and then click on the "Create New Rule" button.



2. Enter a name for the Rule (such as "Queue Calls"), select "standard ring," choose a ring tone (Low Trill in this example), and then click on the "Save Ring Rule" button.



3. Now that we've got the ring tone we want, we need to assign it to queue calls. On the Conditions tab, click on the "Create Ring Rule Condition" button.



4. Choose "Call Type" as the condition type, Queue Calls as the condition, and then click on the Save button.



5. **Note** Your phone will need to be rebooted to make this ringtone rule take effect. You will have a button on the webpage to reboot the phone after saving the rule. If this does not appear, you can reboot your phone using the "Menu" soft button on the phone's screen.